International Doctoral Summer School in Conversational Systems for Health Applications

Granada, 31st August - 3rd September 2022

International Doctoral Summer School in Conversational Systems for Mental e-health


The summer school on Conversational Systems for Mental e-health aims to provide innovative training for early stage researchers ​ (ESR) ​ in the application of conversational systems to the e-health and wellbeing domains​ . The school is mainly targeting postgraduate students (PhD and master), but it is also open to everybody who is interested in the use of conversational technologies to understand, promote and maintain mental health, helping people with anxiety and depression.


MENHIR summer school is organized in the core of the H2020 European project MENHIR (​​), coordinated by the University of Granada, which deals with the use of chatbots to engage users in the management of their own wellbeing providing a continued and immediate assistance that complements increasingly saturated mental health services.


The school involves experts from different sectors (academic, business and professional) and disciplines (computer science, psychology, health sciences and social work) and will deal with aspects related to the use of conversational systems to help people with mental health problems. Some sessions will focus on the technological aspects, addressing the challenges of their practical application (e.g. automatic emotion recognition, development of natural language processing services, data science for mental health) and other sessions will focus on mental health aspects taking into account the benefits that technology may bring (e.g. suicide prevention or innovation in service delivery).



Multidisciplinary: It is directed towards psychology, health, social work, and computer science students. The speakers are also from different disciplines including: psychology, psychiatry, computer science, telecommunications and social work.


Multisectoral: it will provide visions from different sectors related to the summer school topic that will be presented by speakers from the academic, industrial, and non-profit sectors.


International: we will have a panel of speakers from 4 different countries who will bring rich perspectives on the addressed topics. Among them, coordinators and partners of current international projects that combine speech technology and e-health, who will present their advances.


Practical and participatory: All sessions will have a participatory and open nature. Likewise, practical sessions have been planned with a hands-on approach working with the main technologies. The programme of the summer school contains round tables where participants will present their first research papers or their thesis plans, and receive feedback from a multidisciplinary panel of experts.



The summer school will take place online. After registration, all participants will receive:

  • The link to the virtual rooms that will be used each day.
  • Instructions on how to follow the lectures (synchronously and asynchronously) and participate in the activities organized.
  • A bundle with all the resources, including virtual notebooks for the labs.


The school was originally planned to be held in Granada, so the city will be very present in the online social activities prepared!


It is for you!

  • Early stage researchers, PhD students and graduate students in the fields of Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and ICT-related studies.
  • Computer scientists with an interest in mental health applications.
  • Psychologists and therapists with an interest in uses of technology to improve mental health.
  • Industry practitioners and mental health service providers who desire a more in depth understanding of the topic.



09:00 to 9:45 > Sessions

09:45 to 10:00 > Break

10:00 to 10:45 > Sessions

10:45 to 11:00 > Break

11:00 to 12.45 > Lab session

12:45 to 14:15 > Lunch break

14:15 to 16:15 > Lab session

16.15 > Social activities


Check the full program and speakers here.



Registration opens on 7th September. Check the prices and registration procedure here.