Raymond Bond

Sending institution: Ulster University

Receiving institution: GLOBIT

Secondment dates: 14 - 21 August 2019

Raymond Bond (Ulster) and Matthias Hemmje (GLOBIT)

I met with my two PhD students to discuss our two MENHIR papers together. I read more about chatbots and indeed their ethical challenges surrounding imitating humans, anthropomorphism design choices, utilitarianism, human-centred AI, CASA theory and the uncanny valley theory as applied to voice/smart speakers. I met with Globit – see photo – and discussed data governance and data storage. We discussed architectures and knowledge management.

Frederick Booth

Sending institution: Ulster University

Receiving institution: GLOBIT

Secondment dates: 1 - 15 August 2019

Fred Booth (Ulster), Marialucia Cuciniello (UVA), Matthias Hemmje (GLOBIT) and Robin Turkington (Ulster)

During the secondment Mr Turkington and myself were tasked with providing initial drafts of two papers based on the Deliverable document. This work was undertaken as part of Work Package 2 - "Needs and user experience analysis for chatbot-based mental health monitoring”. Whilst both participated in these tasks, each participant took the lead on a specific paper. Mr Turkington lead on "Co-creating Requirements and assessing acceptability with end-users for a voice-based chatbot to support mental health: A Thematic Analysis" and I on "Towards integrating speech analytics into smart speakers and chatbots to monitor mental health, mood and well-being: Challenges and Opportunities"

Towards the end of the secondment, we met with Professor Fuchs and Professor Hemmje to discuss the content of both papers and to exchange ideas.

Antonio J. Benítez

Sending institution: Universidad de Granada

Receiving institution: Action Mental Health

Secondment dates: 27 April to 26 July 2019

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