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Public Documents

Videos, audios and slides

Next you will find slides and videos for a wide audience. If you are interested in more specialized materials, you will find multimedia training materials in our "Training and reads" section, including the lectures and slides from our two Doctoral Schools 😃

Presentation of scientific papers

Paper: "Measuring and fostering engagement with mental health e-coaches" (see the paper here)
Venue: ICMI 2020
Presenter: Zoraida Callejas

Paper: "Towards conversational technology to promote, monitorand protect mental health" (see the paper here)
Venue: IberSpeech 2021
Presenter: Zoraida Callejas

Paper: "A proposal for emotion recognition using speech features, transfer learningand convolutional neural networks" (see the paper here)
Venue: IberSpeech 2021
Presenter: David Griol

Paper: "Towards the development of a trustworthy chatbot for mental health applications" (see the paper here)
Venue: 27th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling
Presenter: Matthias Kraus

See the video presentation here

General communication to the scientific community

Talk: "PLN en proyectos internacionales (NLP in international projects) (in Spanish)
Venue: DiverTLes (Women in Natural Language Processing, Spain)
Presenter: Zoraida Callejas, Elena González, Elena Lloret / Moderators: Encarna Segarra, Maite Martín
Audience: Women in NLP

Scientific communication to general public

Interview: "Salud mental y asistentes de voz" (in Spanish)
Venue: VOZCast, the podcast of Women in Voice Spain
MENHIR participant: Zoraida Callejas (University of Granada)
Interviewer: Olalla Novoa (Women in Voice)

Talk: "Hablando se entienden las máquinas" (in Spanish)
Venue: Semana de la Ciencia de la Universidad de Granada 2020
Presenter: Zoraida Callejas
Audience: Middle and high school students

Interview: "El proyecto MENHIR" (in Spanish)
Venue: RadioLab UGR
MENHIR participant: Zoraida Callejas (University of Granada)