MENHIR at Interspeech 2019


MENHIR has been present at Interspeech 2019 in a special session entitled “Dynamics of Emotional Speech Exchanges in Multimodal Communication“.

The session was organized by Anna Esposito, Manés Torres, Raquel Justo, Zoraida Callejas, Gennaro Cordasco, Gerard Chollet and Neil Glackin (MENHIR) with other prominent researchers (Olga Gordeeva, Kristiina Jokinen, Björn Schuller, Carl Vogel and Alessandro Vinciarelli) and has taken place on 16th September in Graz, Austria.

7 papers have been presented and the session has closed with the round table “The dependability of voice in interactional exchanges”. See the program here: and the publications in open access here:

The session has been also a perfect chance for creating synergies between the MENHIR and EMPATHIC projects.

MENHIR in Interspeech 2019
Zoraida Callejas (MENHIR), Gennaro Cordasco (MENHIR, EMPATHIC), Anna Esposito (MENHIR, EMPHATIC), Raquel Justo (MENHIR, EMPATHIC), Kristiina Jokinen (EMPATHIC)

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