Intelligent Voice presents a session on building GPU-powered conversational AI ecosystem in NVIDIA GTC22

Conversational AI applications are comprised of a hierarchy of deep learning natural language processing (NLP) models and speech technologies. Making these many different components work together to realize robust real-world applications a complex, both in terms of model interaction and computing resource orchestration. Deploying NLP models for processing speech requires end-to-end speech recognition, appropriate segmentation, and robust NLP model training processes that can cope with speech recognition transcription errors. In addition, effective conversational AI applications rely on numerous preprocessing models such as punctuation restoration, true casing, question classification, negation, and many others to ensure robust operation and reduction of false positives. We’ll present real-world contact center and medical consultation decision support cases to illustrate how such complex conversational AI ecosystems should be constructed.

Presenter: Nigel Cannings, CTO, Intelligent Voice, Ltd

Wednesday 23rd March 6PM CET

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