TAI-RM 2022

The 1st International Workshop on “Trustworthy AI for the Future of Risk Management” (TAI-RM2022) has been held on 14th June, 2022 at Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, bringing together academic researchers, industry practitioners, regulators and stakeholders to share their latest results, gather new problems, explore the deep understanding of trustworthy AI, understand the implications of trustworthy AI for existing risk management practices and the broader regulatory context, discuss the foundations in the design of every AI system in terms of those 5 pillars, the practical challenges associated with the implementation of the state-of-art trustworthy AI methods, as well as discuss the key opportunities and focus areas within trustworthy AI to face the unique challenges in the future of risk management in different areas, especially in IoT area.

Congratulations to the MENHIR members who have done a great job in the organizing team!


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