Special session on Dynamics of Signal Exchanges and Empathic Systems in WIRN 2022

The special session “Dynamics of Signal Exchanges and Empathic Systems”, coorganized by MENHIR in the 30th Italian Workshop on Neural Networks WIRN 2023, has taken place from 7th to 9th September 2022 in Vietri sul Mare (Italy). Congratulations!!

The themes of this special session are multidisciplinary in nature, and closely connected in their final aims to identifying features from realistic dynamics of signal exchanges. Such dynamics characterize, formal and informal social signals, communication modes, hearing and vision processes, and brain functionalities. Of particular interest are analyses of visual, written and auditory information and corresponding computational efforts to automatically detect and interpret their semantic and pragmatic contents. Related applications of these interdisciplinary facets are ICT interfaces able to detect health and affective states of their users, interpret their psychological and behavioral patterns and support them through positively designed interventions aiming at improving their quality of life.

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