CS-AIW White paper released!!

The Cancer Survivorship – AI for Well-being cluster (#CS_AIW) brings together 11 EU-funded projects working in
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare and in the well-being primarily in post-cancer treatment space with a
collective aim to cross-fertilize and transcend individual project experiences for the wider good and outcome of
their individual projects. The cluster as formulation in October 2020.

Recently, May 2023, in Madrid, the cluster issued a #CS_AIW White Paper, where it reports not only on the clusters’ achievements and lessons learned from their collaboration, but also on recommendations. They include:
● Strong focus should be placed on participatory research.
● Expectation management is very important. End users should be aware of the expected technology
readiness level.
● Time and effort required to monitor data and optimize workflows must not be underestimated.
● Highly desirable to adapt to real-world technologies in use by the target sectors.
● Open-source tools that adhere to standards for data annotation and interoperability should be prioritized.
● Crucial to work intensively in pre-production settings, before transferring to hospital systems.
● Attention is usually not paid with sufficient focus on data standardization, pre-processing, curation and integration, making sure the necessary expertise and resources are allocated within the project.

The MENHIR project has been very actively involved in the cluster, and our coordinator has been the co-editor of the report.

The White Paper highlights the multiple relevant aspects of the cluster, explained in an accessible language
including the benefits and challenges of collaboration, the technical barriers to development and adoption, user
acceptance, and scientific, legal and ethical aspects. Thus, it can be of great benefit for policymakers,
international and national funding agencies, researchers, healthcare workers, patient representative
organizations, individual EU citizens, and in general an audience interested in the exchange of ideas and a
participatory research vision in AI for Well-being.

DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER HERE: https://digibug.ugr.es/handle/10481/81842

CS-AIW members showing the white paper

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